cmst (connman gui) fails to start on jessie (8.3)

this is a fairly recent install of Jessie, apt-get update/upgrade, and a few packages like tightvncserver, gksu, ntp, autocutsel, tightvncserver, leafpad, … and I didn’t ask explicitly for connman or cmst to be installed.

running from xterm “cmst” puts up a dialog box about installing a new icon definition file and then select “save”.
there are two message on xterm:
Qt: XKEYBOARD extension not present on the X server.
The X11 connection broke (error 4). Did the X11 server die?
there is no system tray icon.

When I read the package details:

QT GUI for Connman with system tray icon

Graphical user interface to control the connman daemon. The connman daemon must be started as you normally would, this program just interfaces with that daemon. You can see what technologies and services connman has found, and for wifi services an agent is registered to assist in obtaining the information from you necessary to logon to the wifi service.

I don’t get a GUI window presented.

The Start/Internet/Connman UI Setup puts up the same dialog box as above, and then, after “save” does nothing.

I guess the question I have as a new user, is do I even need connman and cmst or can I remove them both and mange the network setup manually? Am I missing something, because trying to learn connman looks like a lot of learning curve for not much gain…

ps I am finding Jessie a lot harder to get going on than Wheezy. there are so many changes it’s almost like starting over again.