Code for FIR

Dear Sir/Madam,
      I have implemented FIR filter on TMS320C6713 SDK and I have
checked its output on CCS (Code is given below). Please tell me how to
implement same program on Beagleboard. Please give me detail procedure
for implementation as early as possible.

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#define pi 3.1415
int n,N,c;
float wr[64],wt[64];
void main()
printf("\n enter no. of samples,N= :");

printf("\n enter choice of window function\n 1.rect \n 2. triang \n
c= :");
printf("\n elements of window function are:");
case 1:
printf(" \n wr[%d]=%f",n,wr[n]);

case 2:
printf("\n wt[%d]=%f",n,wt[n]);

  You could just compile it for the ARM Processor and it should run.

Running on the DSP side will be a bit harder. The 'C6713 is a
floating-point DSP. The OMAP3530 on the Beagle is fixed-point, so
your first step will be to cover everything to fixed-point. Once it's
working in fixed-point you might consider the project here [1]. The
goal is to create ARM static libraries that run the library functions
on the DSP, though I don't know how far along the project is.



this is amazing…

Hi Mark A. Yoder,
     Thank you sir. I am also working as a Lecturer in engineering
college. Sir, DSPEASY is till not completed but it is in Beta stage.
Is it possible to use for executing DSP algorithms?

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if you only want’s to run the program, please compile it and download the .out file to the omap35x using the jtag such as xds560. you can save your result in a memory area with absolute address, then under the linux, you can read the memory in the kernel. However,if you want’s to automatically load the program, you may needs to use a DSP link(DSP bridge).
In addition, we have developed a method which can downloads the DSP out file into the ram of omap35x DSP. Which has the equal function as DSP link, and it is more simple. Because the memory space can be accessed both by ARM and DSP. So you can just using JTAG to downloads the exe file,then under linux, save the memory to a file , and after you reboot, you just needs to recover the memory.

Because omap35x only has a fixed-point dsp 64+ core, so you can’t use float data type if you want’s a fast0 speed. TI CCS has provided many examples and all of them has been optimized. You may use them to speed up your program.

  I did not have JTAG XDS560. How to download DSP program without

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