Codec Engine and GStreamer Integration


Thanks to the OE/Beagleboard community, codec-engine and dsplink are
now available in OE.
I'd like to go a step further and to know if someone already tries to
integrate gstreamer and codec-engine in OE.

As I come from the Davinci world, I'm aware of [1] which is available
at [2] and seems to be further supported at [3]. I'm still wondering
what the project [4] was and if it has stopped.

I've seen that there's already a project at [5]. Is this the best
place to start?
My goal is to have a Davinci-like gstreamer-codec engine in OE on my



My goal is to demo gst_ti at, but we've hit a big snag: it depends on DMAI, which needs a TI kernel to build against. There is work being done on getting DMAI to build against a recent 'mainline' kernel, but AFAIK that's only done for davinci.

There's also #gst_ti on for people preferring IRC to talk about the CE gstreamer plugins.



[5] is a bit of a "soft launch" (unannounced, but public development)
right now as we ramp up. The old DaVinci_GStreamer site will be
coming down soon. So, yes, [5] is the best place to start. There is
also a vanity address of [6] and it will eventually be re-badged to
not reflect the OMAPZoom graphics.

The DMAI dependency on the "TI kernel" is true, but the latest limited
release version of the TI kernel is much closer to the head of the
linux-omap git tree. There is on-going work to move DMAI to work
against the git tree and I expect for us to eventually move DMAI to
the GForge site for collaborative development (if enough interest is
expressed). Some of the folks at RidgeRun are being very helpful as
they have a lot of expertise on GStreamer.