Coding with C/C++ directly on Beaglebone, via IDE?

I am planning to get started with the BBB. I want to develop code in C or C++ on a PC, with Eclipse, compile and download to the BBB. I dont want to get into the Eclipse debate, just so happens that I am familiar with it, and find it very powerful, so that is way I want to go. I know it has been mentioned in this series of posts,
Can somebody please give a step by step list of instructions, or possibly link, to how to get the full Eclipse toolchain setup and configured for use with the BBB. It would be really helpful if there were some example projects to help get started especially a project that uses the gpio.
Thanks in advance,


You may want to try to read the posts that were made; you will find everything you need.

Just scroll up, you will find the link to youtube videos and some other link posted by other users.

Google is also your friend; the first 5 top results will show you all that you need to know. Especially if you follow the channels on Youtube; you will find plenty of GPIO examples.

BTW there is no debate about Eclipse…you probably just skimmed the posts here

You can find any old Eclipse howto that walks through setting up some form of a GCC toolchain in it. All the various tools are going to be named similar from toolchain to toolchain. The important part is knowing what settings to use with each tool ( compiler / linker etc ). The best thing here is to get a book on GCC( there are a few free online, findable with google ), and start reading. I know we al get impatient and do not want to invest a huge amount of time into something like this. However, you really need to know this information, and once learned it will apply to any GCC based compiler.

If you are going the cross compile route you may want to consider using a linaro toolchain. This should simplify setup considerably. Then later as you understand moreyou can either make adjustments to this toolchain, or switch out completely without too much effort.

As for the Eclipse “debate”. There really is none. I like the IDE a lot ( as in how it looks, configurability etc ), but i refuse to use anything JRE related. That is personal, and I do not expect / require anyone else to agree / understand. Eclipse certainly is a top notch IDE.