Coding with C/C++ directly on Beaglebone, via IDE?

can anyone help me in how to setup codelite on beaglebone directy

thanks in advance


If you are running Debian:-

apt-get install codelite codelite-plugins

You will either need to be root to do this or use sudo if that is set up.


I avoid using vi as much as I can so if I’m doing some simple testing of code on the bbb, I use the editor built in to mc (midnight commander). I’ll have that open in one vc, run make in another and test the program in a 3rd. For debugging on the bbb I use cgdb which is a bit better than just the command line of gdb.

ug, midnight commander reminds me of the old dosshell, which was fine, for 1994 . . .

Now days we have wonderful technologies such as Samba, NFS, and syntax highlighting editors. So we can do “weird” things like:

boot our dev boards via NFS.

Share a sub directory of the NFS share out via Samba.

Write code on another system, via the Samba share, as if it were a local file.

Compile natively on the dev board.

Imagine that !

with mc I can connect to another machine, edit remote files, move files between machines, peek inside and expand compressed files, etc, all without typing anything on a command line. And it’s editor has syntax highlighting.

... and why is that an advantage? :slight_smile:

hello david,

when i run apt-get install codelite codelite-plugins it throws and error saying codelite not found