Color bar has no color

After I connect SVideo to TV in my C4, I get grey-scale bar. I tried
to change VENC configuration, but I can't make it yet. Does anyone
post me a copy of your
venc_config_std_tv which works for your TV, especially one for PAL TV?

The default color bar is configured for NTSC, it has not been tried on
PAL. Please see if you can try the same on any NTSC TVs


Hi Khasim,

I have tried NTSC in two TVs. My Sony TV can support PAL, PAL60,
SECAM, NTSC with 3.58 and 4.43 Mhz manually and automatically. If it
is set to PAL, I would see the screen has black strip for NTSC signal,
vice versa. That means it works with NTSC. My Samsung TV has no color
too. I changed venc_config_std_tv for PAL in terms of Omap3530
technical reference. I got still no color. I guess color subcarrier
signal is not generated or not modulated into Bar signal. I also tried
background color, no color as well. I don't have scope, so I can not
check SVideo signal.


FWIW I just got tv out working in some embedded code, but I just used
the standard venc settings from the trm in the end.

But I did have a busted cable. Mine had colour but no sync, so I just
had a huge un-syncing mess when I tried using it. Tried another
cable? I wasted about a day and a half because of that broken #$@
cable :frowning:

The default colour-bars from the old angstrom demo u-boot worked fine
on my "PAL" tv (which of course, they aren't anymore, they've handled
most signals for >10 years).