Compatibility of Beaglebone robotics cape with Beaglebone green

Hello everyone,

I am thinking about using Beaglebone to control motor and deal with encoder. To reduce the cost, I hope to use Beaglebone robotics cape and Beaglebone green. But I find on the website it says robotics cape is for BBB.

Even if it works, I also need to have a Chinese manufacter to help me build (I guess it’s much cheaper than buying them, even considering the international shipping). I find everything except BOM is available. Well at least I didn’t find them. Anyone knows where to get the BOM of robotics cape?

I have two other options too.
One is buying a Beaglebone Blue. But I heard using usb instand of ethernet makes LCM communication to be unreliable. (I was intended to have LCM between laptop, raspberry, and Beaglebone). However, I can use a USB ethernet dongle.

Another is have a custom-made cape with mpu,motor driver and regulator. The con is again I need to find a manufacter. I guess I can build it from scratch, using breadboared. But I don’t know much about this approach.

Anyone gets any idea about which option I should take. Thank you a lot.