Compatibility of Debian and Matlab


I have a question about connection between Beaglebone Black and Matlab.
I was trying to control BBB with Matlab. But when I ran the command on Matlab, there is always some errors suggested access denied. Then I found that is because I do not have access to superuser. While I checked Debian I installed on Beaglebone (it is the recommended image on Beaglebone website), I cannot use the root user to log in. However I am able to use sudo command to add privilege to the debian account. The problem is that I am not able to add privilege in Matlab this way, therefore I cannot successfully run the Matlab code.
I wonder if anyone have encountered the same problem?
Thanks in advance.


For quite some years now login as root has been disabled in many Linux
distributions; logging as a regular user configured for sudoer privilege
has been standard.

  What "command"? How does Matlab make its connection -- using SSH? You
may have to see how to configure Matlab to use a different account for
logging into the BBB, and then modify these commands to use "sudo" (though
you still have the problem then of how do you respond to the prompt for
user password -- you might be able to configure the sudoers file to not
require a user password for sudo; Raspberry-Pi is configured that way for
the standard account).

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes. Matlab is using SSH for connection. I think the problem I met is exactly what you described: unable to respond to the prompt for root user password. Could you elaborate on “configure the sudoers file to not require a user password for sudo” a little more please? Thanks.


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Middle section on adding user to sudoers file -- has an example for a
use with a NOPASSWD option

  If you can configure Matlab as to the user account to use in SSH, you
may be able to create an account specific for it on the Beagle.

Sounds good. I will try it out. Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it!


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