Compatible Displays That Work With Debian And Python

Have a revision B Beaglebone Black (BBB) that will be flashed with the new official image (Debian) soon. Looking for compatible displays that will work with the BBB, Debian and Python. Found one eInk display (RePaper) that is compatible but it is a bit expensive. Did see a TFT LCD (not a computer monitor) being controlled via the Pygame library. Would it be possible to use Pygame to control a TFT LCD on the BBB?

Looking at a 2.2" 18 bit colour TFT LCD as a cheaper alternative, but not sure if it can be controlled via Pygame without a driver being available for the BBB. There is an example here of a TFT display being driven via Pygame however it is being done on a Raspberry Pi.

What other displays will work straight out of the box?

There is this page which provides information on display compatibility for the BBB however the Angstrom distribution is being used. Forgot to mention that the display needs to work without X Server running via Pygame.