Compatible Single 3G+Wifi USB dongle for Beaglebone black

Hi guys,

I am looking to implement a project with these below steps independently (but not at the same time).

  1. File transfer from Beaglebone black to PC ( Windows 7/Ubuntu) using WiFi (without internet) and
  2. File transfer from Beaglebone black to PC using 3G (using http protocol) and
  3. To send SMS (not manually but with the help of code) to another mobile phone.
    (If linux doesn’t permit SMS facility, I would use Android OS to implement it)

I would like to implement all these steps independently with the help of single 3G+Wifi USB dongle.

So, I searched a lot about it but I am not able to find the details using single 3G+Wifi USB dongle.
Please help me to find a suitable/compatible one.

Also, what features should I be looking into the USB dongle?
Should the device support both Wifi-hotspot or ad-hoc to transfer a file without any internet?

Thank you!!

Also, I would like to know whether port forwarding option will be available in the 3G+Wifi USB dongle

Many thanks!!