Compile ARM exec on Ubuntu Desktop

Hi All,

I've been trying to compile programs directly on my BB, but I think
this is a bad idea because I need so many packages to get it to work.
How do I compile a program on my Ubuntu desktop that I can execute on
my BB (transfer with SD card)?

I've been able to rebuild a kernel using:
make arch=ARM cross_compile arm-none-linux-gnuabi uImage

but I'm not sure how to compile a program that I'm using on my Ubuntu
desktop to be able to execute on my BB ARM arch. If this is even

I'm trying to install the video4linux2 control panel so I can adjust
the exposure speed on my webcam to reduce blur:

I hope this is possible. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the
compiling process and how to compile something on my desktop for the
BB since they are different archs.

Thanks and sorry for being such a newbie, but I'm learning fast!

See my previous email for some info about cross-compilation. I just took a quick look at the package you are trying to compile, and it looks like it has quite a few dependencies (on libraries like Qt, which probably depend on other libraries), and all of those will need to be available on the beagle, compiled for ARM. You are probably going to want to see if you can find those libraries already built for ARM, probably from the Angstrom distribution (you can copy them over into yours). Building them all from scratch will be a big chore.

However, even after you get those sorted out, I'm not sure that the control panel will help, since I don't know if V4L2 is fully working on the beagle. It might be, but before you spend more time on this path, I'd see if you can verify it exists and works.

The fastest path to getting this all tested might be to get a prebuilt Angstrom system, with known-compatible kernel and all the libraries, and then see if you can get your app to run there first. You can get a prebuilt Angstrom running by following the instructions here:

It won't boot as fast as you want (especially the first time when it may take many minutes), but at least you'll have a full set of tools to prove if you can do what you want without spending the rest of the week building them.


Ok cool. I will give it a try.

This is becoming a huge task to just change one simple value: the
exposure rate on my webcam. There has to be an easier way, but I'm not
smart enough with this stuff yet to figure it out :slight_smile:

There is a v4l2 api that these programs tap into, but I have no idea
how to get this running or try to partially emulate their work.