Complete newbie


I’m using the beagle bone to get back into computing so I’m new at Linux. I just powered up my Beagle Bone Black and got it connected to my MAC via SSH. I’m in via root and have the following prompt:

Last login: Wed Apr 23 20:20:36 2014 from

I’m able to run some basic commands but am not seeing any directory structures or files. Is this correct or am I missing something?



It’s correct. The “~” in “root@beaglebone:~#” indicates that you are in the home directory, which starts out empty. if you do " cd …", “ls” then you will see the standard directories.

You need to get yourself a good online tutorial. There are several.

For starters try, in this order:

cd /

ls -l

That will give a list of the files in the root file system. Kind of like C:\ in Windows

Good luck

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