Computer will not connect to BBB

Hello! This question seems pretty basic, but I have yet to find an answer online or on this forum. :-/

I’ve had my beaglebone black for about a week now. I’ve connected it to my computer before using the USB cord it comes with, and even downloaded some python libraries. I’m using Mac OSX.

Today, unfortunately, my beaglebone is not being recognized by my computer. The LEDs on the board seem normal. I don’t know what has changed… Could I have shorted my beaglebone? How would I know if I shorted it?

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Any help would be appreciated!

Yes I have, and I usually find pressing the reset button and waiting for the board to reboot makes it work. I already stared a thread a few days ago about this but so far no good solution. Please try that and see if you are experiencing the same as I do…