config-pin lacking

config-pin does not have the functionality necessary, especially for the PRU pins. We lack the ability to allow pull ups and pull downs with the pin functions. In general, I believe it would make more sense to allow or-ing of speed | input | up/down | enable pull | mode.

Should config-pin be changed to allow more flexibility?

config-pin is just a helper that reads these points from sysfs:

For the PRU's would it actually be useful? For pretty much for-ever,
we've had the pru output set as:


and pru input as:


Mark/Jason, would this make sense to extend it.. ?


For PRU pinmuxing use libpruio. It doesn’t use pre-configured settings, but generates the setting on-time. This means:

  1. Much faster boot time.
  2. Lower memory foot print.
  3. No restrictions in pinmux setting.
  4. Single source pinmuxing (all done in your code)