configfs-gadget might be giving me some errors, I think


I am running a server for a bot. I got it up and running and then tried to run the bot solo w/out USB Networking while attached to the dev. desktop.

Anyway, it seems I am receiving this error. I am going to look it up soon. If you may know of what exactly may be the cause of this issue, please let me know.

beaglebone kernel: configfs-gadget gadget: Wrong NDP SIGN


P.S. I updated to the newer image on kernel 4.19.x with Buster.

Just for anyone following this article online, please review this documentation in the kerel too: .

This may be of some use. If you are already familiar w/ configfs or another form of (n)fs, please jump in here.


Sorry for this off-the-wall reply and post. Well, the server via uWSGI or Gunicorn was working. Now, I am receiving errors again.

Does anyone think this is due to the outdated kernel?


P.S. I am going to keep trying. If anyone would like some info. from me on my build environment on the target, BBGW, please let me know.