Configure CAN BeagleBone AI, Kernel v4.19

Hi all, I have been working on updating some of my device tree files to the newer image found at:

using the device tree files at:

I would like to use pins P9.26 and P9.24 for can bus communication. In the previous version of the image (the latest IOT image found at, I was able to configure them using a modified version of a sample dts. Looking at the 4.19.x-ti-overlays branch of the device tree overlay repo, I found the BONE-CAN1.dts file, which seemed to do almost exactly the same thing. I built the dtbo and copied it to /boot/dtbs. This is my uEnv.txt:


###U-Boot Overlays###
###Master Enable

CAN interfaces are down by default. If you type “ifconfig -a” you should see them…

A quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2020 à(s) 11:45:01 UTC+1, Douglas Conover escreveu:

Thanks, that did the trick. “ifconfig -a” showed the can0 interface and the following two lines brought it up:

sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000

sudo ip link set up can0