Configure WiFi SSDI and password on BBB running a SoftAP

I would like to allow someone to setup BBB on a home network using another wireless device. The BBB would boot as an access point so that a smartphone, tablet or PC could connect to the access point and setup the WiFi SSID and password using a custom web page. The BBB would then reboot and connect using DHCP to the home netowrk. This is how my WiFi thermostat works and also Arduino Yun. Has anyone implemented this? I got WiFi running fine using the Adafruit tutorial and a KeeBox N150 adapter on the latest Debian release. I see that hostapd is already installed and it seems that will be needed to allow the BBB to act as an access point.


Give ap-hotspot a try:

sudo ap-hotspot start

It's been abandoned by it's creator due to bugs..

But it may work..