Configuring UART1 on BBxM Rev C

Hello all,

I have a BBxM Rev C running Angstrom (linux 2.6.32). I am trying to
configure UART1 and UART2 on the P9 and P13 headers. My goal is to
operate a couple of external serial devices. (Lets assume I can't use
a serial to USB converter.)

I modified u-boot to set the CONTROL_PADCONF_X registers accordingly.
I then verified my pad config was not overwritten by some other
driver. (I wrote a quick-n-dirty kernel module that just dumped the
register values.) After verifying the pad config was correct I
installed a loopback jumper on UART2 and ran the following:

% microcom -t 4000 -s 115200 /dev/ttyS1

UART2 appears working with the loopback installed.

Running the same test with UART1 however does not work.

Using the oscilloscope I can see the byte transmitted from UART1_TX at
the header. I also measured the signal at the RP3N resistor and U11
pin 55. The signal appears at each location, but I get no data from /

At this point I was going to dig into the driver and see if UART1 is
receiving any data or not.

Has anyone been able to use UART1 on the BBxM Rev C successfully?

Are there any other conflicts or configuration issues I should be
aware of?

     I am aware I am over-riding the DSS_D7 signal. This is ok as I
don't need DVI.

Any help is appreciated,