confusion about max supported HDMI monitor resolution on BBB

(definitely a question for gerald. :slight_smile:

  currently, BBB SRM, section 6.9, "HDMI Interface", states in section
6.9.1, "The maximum resolution supported by the BeagleBone Black is
1280x1024@60Hz". but the table right beneath that lists a supported
resolution of 1280x1024@75Hz. this seems slightly confusing.

  also, once upon a time, gerald explained the max resolution was
limited by the pix clock rate of the framer (125 MHz):!topic/beagleboard/4vge3Zs8dYE

i was poking around and ran across the specs page of what looks to be
that framer here:

which states that (perhaps for a slightly different model) the clock
rate is 150MHz.

  i can see that that's the HDCP version of the framer, and gerald was
very clear that the BBB uses the *non*-HDCP version. but what's the
actual clock rate of the one on the BBB? thanks.


p.s. unsurprisingly, i've started a BBB HDMI page to keep track of

open to suggestions/additions.