Confusion in BeagleBone Black

Dear all,

I am using beaglebone black. If the flash has gotten corrupted, is there any indication for that? Because, as the beaglebone black comes with a preloaded linux kernel in eMMC.

Also if I want to load kernel from beginning(means when there is no data in flash) how will I do it? I got this confusion because, I was using beagleboard xM before where I will just plug off my SD card and do the changes and put it again. How will I do the same for a kernel in eMMC?

Sorry if the question is too novice.

It’s on the BBB System Reference Manual:


Checkout this link to restore your version of image on to BBB.

Hope this addresses your concern.

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Or just go to the official source as indicated on the card that came with the board.

Look under Software Resources and select Angstrom