Thanks for the fantastic response.

So far, I have signed up as mentors:
* Frans M.
* Katie R.
* Kevin H.
* Koen K.
* Luis L.
* Mans R.
* Mike Z.
* Philip B.
* Robert N.
* Mark Y.
* Jason K.

I have requests from the following that still need to fill out their profile:
* Soren S.

Cathy Wicks is signed up as the backup administrator.

This is all fantastic. I'm still wanting at least a 2:1 ratio (2
mentors for every 1 student) if possible, because I know we can all
get very busy and some of these projects can get a bit complex (and I
want to be sure we are screening students carefully and doing our best
to help them succeed). This should help us stay in-line with our
stated policy to Google: "TI-based mentors will have work-oriented
commitments. We will choose non-TI-based mentors with a history of
being involved in projects and who are consistently
responsive via IRC and e-mail. We plan to have secondary (paired
mentors) and tertiary (general IRC channel) support for each project,
and mentors will also be expected to attend the weekly check-in
meetings on IRC. We will have a named contact in the same region
and/or company as any mentor to assist in "pinging" any AWOL mentor. "

Our fair share of students would be right around 7 (1,000 students /
150 mentoring organizations) and I've requested 8, so I'd like to get
a couple more mentors. I believe a couple more of you are planning to
sign up. I certainly hope so.

Help recruit students by blogging about some of the ideas that you
think are the coolest, hanging out at #gsoc on IRC to talk to
students, and spreading the word with all of the students that you
know. Cathy, can you also put the word out using your university

Take me off this email I did not siggn up for any ofthis

C a t h y

Sorry about that. I had the wrong Cathy on the mailing list. Our
backup administrator is wicks.cathy, not cathy.wicks. :slight_smile: