Connect BBB to VBOX running Ubuntu 14.04.02LTS on Windows 7 Proffesional Host

I just recieved my BBB . I installed a Virtual box running Ubuntu 14.04.02LTS on a Windows 7 Professional Host
How can I connect to the BBB ?
I would like to coonect to the BBB via serial connection,such that I can see the bootlog of the BBB during boot and such I can stop the bootloader of I want to.

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To watch the BBB booting, you are best off with a FTDI (or equivalent) serial cable connected to the local command line serial port.

The BBB USB and Ethernet ports don’t start up until late in the boot process.

You can view the serial port communications in a terminal program such as PUTTY, which is available for both Windows and Ubuntu.

— Graham

In the VB window where your guest is running, click on Devices → USB → Prolific Technology Inc (or whatever) USB device you want to share to your guest. Once you do that, Ubuntu will “see” the USB connection and automatically create the necessary /dev/ttyUSB0 device.

Then you can use any of the normal tools to open up /dev/ttyUSB0. Screen, minicom, gtkterm, etc.

The scenario you are describing is exactly how I do it as well, so I know it can be done.


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