Connect Through MiniUSB


Full disclosure, I know very very little about the Beagle Bone, and have never used anything like it before. I literally cannot be underestimated. Anyway.

Following instructions on this page, I flashed an image to my beaglebone. Except I cannot get it to display anything. When I connect it to an ethernet cable it doesn’t show up on the network. When I connect it to my laptop via mini it doesn’t show up. (After installing the 64 bit drivers for it and following the instructions on this page

I’m at a loss. I simply cannot find this device anyway I try and I’m becoming very frustrated.

Please state the file name of the file you flashed to the eMMC..



I helped write those instructions. Before you try to get the whole OctoPrint system going I'd get familiar with the plain BeagleBone first. Start with the recommended image from and connect to that and get familiar with it first.

Full disclosure, I switched over to a Raspberry Pi2 using the OctoPi image. Those instructions were for what is an old Wheezy image nowadays and may need some tweaking if used with a newer Wheezy or Jessie image.