Connecting BBB to a 5" Capacitive Touch TFT Screen?

It would take quite a bit of time to go through the pinout and what needs to be connected, but I would recommend looking at the LCD7 cape regarding the RGB interface. If I remember correctly it uses a 50-pin connector, but you should be able to match it up. For the touch screen, you will need to find out what touch screen controller they are using as you will need to configure kernel to use their driver. Does Newhaven make their own touch panels, or do they buy them from someone else and attach it?

I’m not work on BBB but just took a look at their website. it seems BBB can not support RGB interface directly. even I saw the RGB interface on BBB’s schematic in page11

you can use a RGB-MCU convert IC such as SSD1963,

you can find the SSD1963 driver code here:

I’m working, as a LCD/TFT engineer, any question about LCD you can write to me.

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