Connecting Ethernet for BB- How to?

Hi all,

Im looking forward to connect Ethernet to BB using Eth-USB 2.0 Adapter/
Connector. Before connecting, I wanted to know if this works directly
using Ubuntu image compiled using Karmic Koala (
My computer says eth1 when i use the adapter to connect and eth0 for
direct connection.
So what are the change to be made on BB.?


Hi Bharath,

I'm going to say probably since almost every usb ethernet device is
support in linux.

If your still wondering and haven't dived in yet, type "dmesg | grep
eth1" or "lsusb" on your x86 and we should be able to find out what
driver it actually uses..


You connected it to your desktop system and got eth1? That's because
was already an eth0 device working on the system. If the USB adaptor
is the
first one on the system, it will be labeled eth0 when the driver


thank you very much.... the adapter is working!