Connecting USB device to BB-xM


I need a little help regarding connecting USB to BeagleBoardxM rev-B.
after booting BB-xM when i first time connect my usb device to any usb
port on BB-xM and do " ls /dev " its id is shown as usbdev1.4
(usbdev1.1 ,usbdev1.2 ,usbdev1.3 are already there.), but the problem
is when I reconnect the same USB device to any usb port its id
increases to usbdev1.5 , on next reconnecting it shows usbdev1.6 and
so on.

My usb device is configured to be appeared as virtual serial port
through which i collect data using a C++ program dealing with serial
port programming.
But since every time that id is changing i am not able to collect data
using the same program( id need to be changed in program). Does anyone
know how to fix the id corresponding to usb devices??
pl reply.

thanks in advance.

Subhadra Singh

you need to release the correspondent file before you disconnect a device.

2012/1/12 Subhadra Singh <>

thanks for your reply but i am new to linux and dont know how to
release that file dont know where exactly that file is.
please elaborate a bit more.

open() opens a file
close() releases a file