Connectivity problems between chameleon camera and Beaglebone black board

I have a CMLN-13S2C-CS camera from Point Grey Research. I want to connect
it to a beaglebone black board( with debian OS installed). I have
downloaded the FlyCapture software from the Point Grey page. The
software works an detect my camera, and displays a window with information
such as: serial number, model, sensor, Firmware Version etc. But when I
click the OK button, nothing happens, no images and no new window with the
controls for the camera. One thing that I note is that in the first window
in the Driver section there is a NONE as a status. I guess that this is the
problem. How can I get the driver or update my OS to include this driver?.
The camera is connected to the USB port of the Beaglebone
(together with the keyboard and the mouse) and no extra power is supplied.
Please let me know your advices.