Connman VS. networkmanager

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me why connman is the default connection manager for BBB.

Just curious because every time i try to connect to wifi with connman i have to jump through hoops to try to get it working.
I say try because i have yet to get it working.
Every time i do large or long (time wise) downloads connman dumps the connection and i have to reboot to be able to reconnect.

I switched to networkmanager and for the wifi (RT3070 Chipset) all i had to do was install kernel-module-rt2800lib and kernel-module-rt2800usb
and the wifi was up and running without a reboot. Also i have been downloading every package that opkg lists and have not lost the connection (yet).

So why not make networkmanager the default instead of connman?

Also forgot to mention that i am running wired and wireless simultaneously without problems.


The actual reason Angstrom ships with connman instead of networkmanager by default is most likely a political one. The invention of connman was due to a perceived desktop-orientation of networkmanager by people who wanted to do embedded/IVI work. I think both have been developed quite a bit since then, so the original reasons are probably not relevant anymore, but there’s probably a lingering perception that connman is for embedded and networkmanager is for desktop.

That being said, if you had to install kernel drivers when you installed networkmanager, I would suggest those might have been more relevant to getting the network up than which manager you used. I haven’t done a lot with connman, but I would expect that it does its job just fine when configured correctly and working with stable hardware and kernel drivers. But if networkmanager is easier for you to configure, by all means use it! It’s nice to have options, and someone is bound to have a hard time with whatever is chosen as default.

Ok i can understand the original intent of using connman over networkmanager and i know that someone had to spend time and effort to build the packages, but i would personally prefer to have one that works over one that was intended for the platform.

As to the drivers i also installed them with connman but it would not connect and it seems other people are having to recompile the drivers and do some tweaking to to get it to work.

Why go through all the effort when networkmanager just seems to work without rebuilds and tweaks (in my case anyway).

I know that my case is just a one off at this point in time since i only have one wifi adapter (i would like to see if this is the same case for others with different adapters and chipsets), so i thought i would ask to see what the reasoning behind it was.

Anyway thanks for the reply it was good info.