console-image and usb network drivers


I compiled a console-only image with OE/bitbake and booted just fine;
however, my USB network adapter isn't be recognized so I can't use
opkg to download anything. Can I do the USB packages somewhere or are
they included somewhere in OE? Or am I missing some basic
configuration setting to get this working. I know I can build them
some how in OE, but I'm very short on time (project due in a few days)
and I'd rather download or copy them via a SD card if possible.

Thanks so much!


  did you installed rt73 firmware in order to use USB wireless? it's
in your oe/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/all directory.
good lucky!

I'm using Wired USB 10/100. I don't see a R73 file in that directory.

What files do I need for wired USB 10/100 network adapters? I know my
network adapter works fine on the full blown Angstrom demo from koen.

Make sure your eth0 interface is up. Check this link
(Section V. Getting Beagle on the Internet)