Console Image not running with kernel 2.6.38

I recently update my dekkit8000 kernel to 2.6.38 and since than the Angstrom image built locally with openembedded (based on stable/2009 and 2.6.29) hangs as soon as some deamons called in /etc/rc5.d are started. For instance Avahi deamon or syslogd easily hang an prevent the system boot to complete,

Any idea?


Just curiosity, i have similar issue with kernel 2.6.38. I built it
locally and the resulting kernel was 2.6.32 and the rootfs works with
the kernel that comes standard with the board. What are the real
benefits using kernel 2.6.38?
I have read you added tslib recipe to the image, would you share how
you did it?
by the way, kernel 2.6.29 works with android 2.1.

Dear Alex,

are you using openembedded to build your rootfs and kernel? Which branch are you using?

To get touchscreen support you can easlily download the tslib package from
and install it using opkg .
To get your recipe have ts support you might read this
Following these suggestions I modified the beagleboard.conf adding to touchscreen MACHINE_FEATURES.


Hi Fabio,
Thanks for the link. It will be a good starting point.

I meant i built angstrom the normal way, i dont know how to fetch a
specific branch, i think it is dev version. I used this rootfs that
was build for the kernel 2.6.32 and u-boot 2011.

I was planning to develop some V4l2 apps (perhaps opencv) in my ubuntu
box, cross-compile my changes and build an image, not install packages
from the board, i dont want a full distro, it takes too long to load
(oops, i did not give ubuntu a try..., but for what i have read it
runs slow on 256 mb). What is trivial for a linux developer, it is
being hard for me to find the way. I need only the framebuffer, v4l2
and tslib and some way to print text and graphics.

I am using mow android and it works quite nice for 256mb, but you can
have it all, it is javacentric.
Thank you.