contract development needed (should be quick, simple, and fun)

We are a private research and development firm in San Francisco’s Mission district.

We could use some help on programming an automation system we are developing. The control and logic scheme is designed and just needs to be executed. BBB may be overkill but is common to other systems within the same machine.

It is essentially controlling 2 motors. One is an open loop stepper motor, and the other is a Brushed DC motor driven in a current control scheme. The motion is set by the stepper motor to a simple constant acceleration and decel triangle profile, and the DC motor separately provides a modulated torque (via current). The calculation for the assist torque has a couple programmable coefficients and is quadratic in nature. Other than that, there are I/O’s for initializing a move and setting distance, or E-stop, and a reset for a torque-assist variable. I think we have all the correct interposing drivers etc in place and just need help programming the board, but there’s always room for improvement so open to improvement on the hardware architecture as well.

Please let me know if you can help. This is a fun project. Also open to doing it on a different platform if its easier.


Sam Sarcia

By the way - compensation competitive

Instead of using a bunch of different drivers, you should consider to use libpruio. It offers all needed features (ADC, PWM, GPIO, additional CAP and QEP {v0.2.2}) in a single source and is much faster than sysfs hardware access and more easy to handle.

TJF, . … thie person is looking for a developer to write code for them . . . and seemingly paying as well. Granted, you’re a bit far off, being up in northern Europe versus San Fransisco Calilf. US . . .


thanks for the explanation. I think you misinterpret my post. I didn’t apply for the job. I just wanted to give a hint how the OPer can save time and therefor money, when he reconsiders his concept.

BTW: In our days Frisco and northern Europe is just a mouse click off.

What if I only have FUN ?