Contributing to (and GSoC 2016)


My name is Sameer Chaudhari. I’m a third year Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering Student.
I would love to contribute to the BeagleBoard community and participate in GSoC. I went through ideas page of GSoC 2014 and 2015 and some of the completed projects. I found the BBBAndroid project interesting and tried to read and understand the code.

I have basic C/C++ skills and intermediate proficiency in java and android. I have been interested and working on android applications for the past 2-3 years. I recently worked on a project related to home-automation which requires basic knowledge of microcontrollers and IOT and found it quite interesting.

I want to know how to start contributing to the BeagleBoard community, and how to go about participating in the GSoC for BeagleBoard. I think I can contribute in some of the android or similar projects.

Appreciate your suggestions and help :slight_smile: