Contributing to BeagleBone community as a Student


This is with respect to becoming a student contributor to the beagle community. I’m a twenty year old hardware/software developer currently in my 3rd year of Engineering. I have been involved with embedded systems for over two and half years now, from Arduino Uno to Arduino Due to Raspberry PI. A couple of months back I got a Beaglebone Black on my hands and I absolutely loved it.

I went through the last years ideas list and had a look at the code contributed (Anuj’s user space arduino library for BBB really caught my attention) and I believe I can maintain that quality of code. I have also been “snooping” around all the Beaglebone forums and Google groups to get to know the community!!

I want to know how to start contributing to the beagle community, and how to go about participating in the GSoC for Beaglebone (the best way to spend my summer :smiley: ).

and some more specific questions :

  1. Can we suggest our own ideas? ( I have had a look at quite a few BBB related repos of github, few interested me a LOT )
  2. Can I start contributing before GSoC (I’ll need pointers to what I could contribute to)?

I’m good with : Python, C (Linux system programming included :slight_smile: ), Java, ARM assembly
And I’m starting to learn C++
I’d love to contribute anything along the lines of :

  1. BBIO (python bindings from Alexander Hiam look good),
  2. IoT ( Internet of things - like webiopi for the raspberryPI ),
  3. Libraries to help program the PRU (pyprucss is something I liked ).

Any help appreciated :smiley:


If you could help organize the wiki pages for our 2014 application (please no broken links) and add your ideas to a new ideas page (copying forward old ideas that still look good), that’d be welcome.

Mentoring organization applications start on Feb 3rd.

Thanks for the reply!

Who should I get in touch with regarding the wiki pages?