Cool mikroBUS presentation at Linux Plumbers Conference!

See for an early glimpse at the demo.

This will be presented at Linux Plumbers Conference on tomorrow, August 27th, by Vaishnav and is very much worth checking out.

Track information “You, Me, and IoT Two” microconference track:…

Latest RFC Patch:…

Instructions for Reproducing the Work:…

For more information and discussions:

This was somewhat tipped on based on the LKML RFC, but it seems regular readers of Phoronix don’t really get what life is like for embedded Linux developers. This really is a big deal and just part of what BeagleBoard is working on to greatly simplify the life of “IoT” developers.

Stay tuned and check out the free live stream on YouTube!

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the track (, especially Chris Friedt’s talk on Greybus!

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Demo video:

Video Demo on writing add-on board manifests:

Instrunctions to reproduce Vaishnav's work:

More information about mikroBUS on Linux on eLinux wiki:

Latest patch series: [RFC,v2,0/3] mikroBUS driver for add-on boards