Copy eMMC Image On Ubuntu 13.10 BeagleBone Black


I want to set up a master BBB running Ubuntu 13.10 saucy from the eMMC. I then would like to duplicate everything about that master board and stick it on a new board, including users, files and services. I’m wondering if this is possible.

I have already tried the procedure listed at but it doesn’t seem to work. I can extract an image file from the master, but all attempts to flash the image onto the new BBB have not succeeded. When I hold the S2 button and power on the device, the USR0 light blinks shortly as expected but then persists after only 20 seconds, but the image file is over 2GB so it should take longer than that.

I have tried altering the if to be /dev/mmcblk0 considering that is what fdisk returns for me when run on the master. I have tried the bs at 10M as well as altering it to 1M and gone to no avail. I have deleted everything off of the new BBB when it is mounted on Windows and nothing happened. I have set the primary partition on the uSD card to be active. I have tried writing the resulting image to the uSD using Win32DiskImager.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas as to either a solution to my current method or an alternative that is just as good.


Actually I misspoke, the image is just under 2 GB not over 2 GB but the original point still stands.