Corrupted BeagleBone Black Rev. A6


I’m totally new to BeagleBone and micro-controller. I’m a project manager on a multimedia company and we sub-contract a LED controller work to a guy, whom used the BeagleBone Black to control a series of LED boards. Our software program control those LED boards via this guy’s BeagleBone Black. The BeagleBone Black was broken and we can’t find the guy to help us to solve the problem. We brought the latest BeagleBone Black and insert the original SD card into the new board, hoping it will resume the system… but not, it didn’t startup at all.

We checked the SD card seems OK (can read) but the original I2C EEPROM (CSI 24C256WI) seems to be corrupted. Where can I find the original files/images? I saw the label is Rev. A6. In addition, how should I start to troubleshoot the original board? Where should I start with?