Cosmic rays measured with BeagleBone-based data acquisition

Hello everyone:
last week we started a website showing a measurement of cosmic ray mu-meson capture-and-decay. We developed an instrument which is performing signal digitization and data acquisition of such rare decay events. The instrument is using the BeagleBone Black, upon which we stacked an ADC+FPGA board. I am inviting all of you to visit the new website. I also point out that this work was supported by the Office of Science of the Department of Energy. It is a cool scientific project with a lot of further potential.

I want to thank the BeagleBone creators and the entire community for such a fantastic tool.

Thanks for sharing. That sounds very exciting! I'm from Batavia,
Illinois where Fermilab is and believe Open Source Hardware is a great
fit for physics exeperiments.

Is there a specific URL that talks about your project that uses the
BBB? Maybe a repo with the source code and/or design files (like


I am not new to Fermilab. I presented two seminars there in the Research Techniques Seminar series (one in 2011 and the other in 2015). Talk to Adam, Paul, or Erik. Concerning the repo, we are not there yet. We ship our instrument with the code on the internal eMMC. Send me an e-mail via or

Thank you,