Couldnt open launch

Hi all,

Connected BeagleBone black (rev C) to PC through USB. Its detecting properly & All four LEDS on the board are flashing as expecting. I could Install drivers successfully(followed instructions from GETTING STARTED page of But when i am trying to open in browser its not opening.

In PCs “Start–> view network connections”, i could find that it showing “Network Cable Unplugged” (screen shot attached for reference). Is it problem with the webserver in my linux distribution.

Can some one help me to sort out this problem. This is not a problem occuring in regular. Infact till last week it detected properly. I took a short break and now trying to open in a new PC. Its not detecting.

Thank you.

Have you rebooted Windows since installing the “USB gadget Ethernet” drivers? Try opening the Start.htm file in the MSDOS drive that gets created when you plug in the BBB, and navigating to the BBB webpage from that.

What image is on your BBB? some of them have had errors in the “top level” webpages that can be very frustrating when first starting out, if you are following this route to get started. Oops, just noticed your last comment after the screen grab, if it worked on your previous PC, odds are its a driver issue on your new PC. Try getting the latest Windows drivers from