I am working with an input device that requires the kernel module for
the cp210x series. I am also working off of narcissus and demo builds
of angstrom from its homepage. For 2.6.29 and prior, this was known
as cp2101.ko and is included in the modules for it and many older
builds. It doesn't seem to be available for 2.6.32 on the
beagleboard, despite being a seemingly popular component. I also see
many other current builds of it for other platforms. I happen to need
2.6.32+ for using some graphics related stuff, so I can't just step

If anyone has already built the module or knows where I might be able
to find it, that would be great. I wouldn't be opposed to compiling
the specific module myself, but I'd need a good lead on info for doing
that as it's not something I've done before.