cpsw device tree bindings to get 2 phys and one mac?

Hi, I’m basing a design on Beaglebone Black but with the second ethernet port available. I would like Linux to see only eth0 (ie one mac), but it looks like cpsw needs to know about both phys (ie to turn them on and configure them). cpsw would then act as a normal 3-port switch (ALE enabled).

From the datasheet it looks like the chip supports this, but I’m not sure if LInux does. For example in am335x-bone-common.dtsi the ethernet config has one phy for each of cpsw_eth0 and cpsw_eth1 - but dont I need to specify two phys for cpsw_eth0?

Any pointers welcome - anybody done this with 3.8.x or other kernel? Wondering if we’d need to change the driver in order to do it with 3.8.x (if so maybe it’s better to roll our own Linux with an earlier kernel. Or a later one.)

(Also please let me know if you think this question is mis-posted, I’m closer to newbie but I think this is a question for the Linux experts …)

Thanks and regards,