CPU Frequency Governer.

Output of comman “cpufreq-info” is as follows:

maximum transition latency:300us
hardware limits : 300Mhz - 1000MHz
available freq. steps : 300,600,720,800,1000MHz
available cpufreq governer: conservative,userspace,powersave,ondemand,performance.
current policy: ondemand
current CPU Frequency is 300MHz.
I dont know much about governer policies. What i want is all the time my CPU should be on max. speed .because my GUI in BBB should run fast as much as possible.Please help me how to change policy governer.

As its name’s suggests the ondemand Policy modifies the frequency on demand. So if you load a process hungry on cpu ressources the current cpu frrequency will increase accordingly.

To set the cpu frequency to a fixed value ,Use cpufreq-set command .

sudo cpufreq-set -g userspace


sudo cpufreq-set -f 1000Mhz

More infos here:



So, if you’re noticing a “theme” with my responses to your answers, that would be good. Since the last two questions I’ve seen you ask are Linux specific questions, and are easily googled . . .

Side point, just because the hardware is not x86/i386 does not mean the software is different. 99.9% of your typical Linux questions as these are very easily googled, with many, many hits per question.

The only real differences in the above context is that ARM uses a different ABI versus i386, and as such some packages may not exist for ARM. But In my own experience, typically that list is very small, and different distro’s may have “better” package support. Personally, the only time I’ve run into a package that exists on i386, and not on ARM was when investigating Mono ( .NET ) runtimes for Debian early on. Which may / may not have changed, but I am pretty sure at least Ubuntu has these packages. Anyway . . .

See here:

Thankyou very much.