CPU usage 100% when apt-get installing some packages

Hello everyone,

We are using beaglebone black with 3.8.13-bone74 kernel on it, and using edimax wireless dongle to connect to internet. When we just try to install some packages cpu usage is becoming approximately 100% for most of the times.
What may be causing this?




Perhaps because some object in space is moving at a right angle to the sun ?

Isn't this to be expected? Or does it stay at 100% forever?

Isn’t this to be expected?

It is to be expected, hence my silly remark above. Although, I’d be surprised if it stayed above 99% for very long. One thing that can be checked though is make sure the CPU is not “stuck” at 300Mhz using cpufreq-info if the processor does stay at 300Mhz no matter what. Try using sudo cpufreq-st -g performance.

__sudo cpufreq-set -g performanc__e - That is ( typo above )