CPU usage is ~100% on BBB most of the times: is it ok?

Hello there,

We are running our web application on chrome browser and CPU usage is ~100%( == 96%) most of the times. Will it be a problem for bbb? Or is it ok? I know that high CPU usage causes heat and probably it will gradually deteriorate electronic components.

I am curious maybe 100% cpu usage is ok for bbb :)?


Hello again,
I want to add some details to this problem. We have two BBB, two usb wireless adaptor. First BBB is connected to two usb wireless adaptor( one for connecting to internet and the other for connecting to second BBB device remotely and read data from the it), supplied by 5v power supply, and connected through hdmi cable to display screen. When we boot first BBB and start running chrome on it by doing some typing on browser, display screen starts to blink rapidly. When we stop typing on browser search field blink stops. What may be causing this blink?
When we run our web app on the browser CPU usage rises to ~100%. And display starts to blink.

Could this blink related to CPU usage or network connection?


i think this means the same like this post a few days ago: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/beagleboard/beaglebone-black/mQk790K-6dg

The 100% usage appears when you force webgl or try to force the HW acceleration in an other way in a browser app. I saw this with Firefox too.
The mean questions is, how to connect the browser to the framebuffer. Is this possible and useable?

Usacase: the browser uses the framebuffer as DRI for HW accelerating.
Did this somebody in the past? Where can we find the discreption?


It’s not something I would recommend but on the other hand I’ve got a bbb in a cabinet in an industrial shed running at near 100% cpu usage 24/7 and has been for about a couple of months. I haven’t noticed it getting warm and it’s still working fine.

Sometimes, a busy-wait situation is your only option. Other times, perhaps it’s time for a code refactor ? Trading responsiveness for less CPU load can be a pain in the butt . . .