create bootdisk using macosx darwin

Hi I am having problems creating a boot disk and was wondering if
there is a recipe out there for doing this on a mac.

fdisk is a bit different from how its described in the wiki. After a
while I kind of figured it. There are somethings that I am still stuck
on though for example in darwin, you also need to select the starting
and ending sectors and heads.

Also the partition types, I gather we need to make 2 of them -- the
boot (FAT32) and the root (extended). In fdisk darwin, there are 2
types of extended formats, Extended DOS and Extended LBA. I guess its

mkfs isn't installed on base macosx and I read newfs is the
alternative but does anyone know what the equivalent command would be
to this:
   mkfs.msdos -F 32 /dev/sdc1 -n LABEL

Anyway if anyone out there could point me to a recipe for formatting a
sdcard in macosx that would be most excellent