Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike


I’m new to OpenHardware and Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike. I need some help to understand better how to manage my development activities.
I bought a couple of BeagleBone Black and started to develop on it a home energy control unit with multiprotocol connectivity. To extend the BBB connectivity we think to realize some custom capes.
The final objective of the work is the realization of a single board for commercial purpose, starting from the BBB reference design.
Is there any kind of limitation/royalties? will my product be under the same licencing of the BBB? If so I’ll have to share the schematics and the whole work?

thanks in advence for replies

No limitations.
No royalties.
It is free to use.
You do not have to share anything.
If you decide to share your improvements, you need to give credit to the original designer.



thank you for your reply