Cross-compilation environment

Hello all,

I read about some ways to implement a cross-compilation environment for the Beaglebone. I’m using Debian in a VM and tried these methods:

  1. Multiarch
  2. installed the arm-linux-gnueabihf toolchain
  3. chroot method: Installed debootstrap + qemu

Method 1 has the problem of Root filesystem pollution and is only compaitble with Debian distribution. Methods 2 and 3 seemed to work well for me. The best solution in my opinion is method 3, using chroot provides a clean and organized environment, the only issue I found is that I could not use Eclipse + chroot.

So, my question is: which method do you use for cross-compilation? Is it possible to use Eclipse with a external toolchain located in a chroot?

Thanks in advance.

I recently posted an article where I used Visual Studio Code to cross-compile C/C++ to the BBB. Instructions for symbolic debugging are included. I also went a step further than “hello world” and added an example of linking to an external library, libsdl2.

It’s possible you could adapt the instructions for Eclipse. Visual Studio Code is pretty cool though!

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