Cross Compilation: standard c++ functions are unavailable

Hi everyone, I was interested in some help with a basic cross-compilation error for Beaglebone Black. This is in Eclipse, in Ubuntu, I’m getting a Symbol ‘cout’ could not be resolved error. I have all of my include and library path directories set up correctly, and I can see a list of functions when I type “std::” but cout is not there ?! I’m new to eclipse and linux programming, my Libraries field is empty, could this be the cause? What libraries should I add.

is included, c++ versions are 4.6 and 4.6.3

The project compiles when I don’t have a cout statement.

Ubuntu also won’t recognize the command “arm-linux-gnueabi-”. Could this be because arm-linux-gnueabi is not compiled? My project compiles, so I don’t think this is an issue with the compiler.

I’m using a 32 bit system and trying to follow these tutorials to start a project


its always better if you include your sourcecode.

did you link with stdc++ library?