Cryptography on BBB

I’ve been trying and failing to install this Cryptography package on BBB. Welcome to pyca/cryptography — Cryptography 39.0.0.dev1 documentation

I did manage it on Pis before, though it was fiddly and (of course) i didn’t take good notes. Has anyone done it?

Current attempts run for 35-40 mins and seem to get stuck. I’ve done all the upgrades and pip upgrades that I can think to do.


So…it takes about an hour, maybe 90 mins to install!

That was the problem.


BBB’s single cortex-a8 core is VERY weak as you’ve seen. It is much weaker than Pis. In my opinion, what makes this board attractive is its pru stuff. If you want more CPU performance, check bbai/bbai-64 instead.


I hope it’ll run fine once it’s installed. The install seems to be ridiculously complicated. The package I’m installing ultimately “just” runs a bunch of python code, but the install is a pain on a Pi or a BeagleBoard. Loads of (I think) undocumented dependencies and issues like this example - of Cryptography not being a simple install on this chip. But it worked in the end!


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