CURL Kludge on Angstrom to FTP files

Am I mistaken or is there no FTP command on a Beagle’s OS? Wow, I’m all for a tiny distro but that is ridiculous.

Fix: did you know that you can use CURL to FTP files? Serious lol :smiley: And you can use it “in-line”.

This is the best little tutorial I’ve seen on this rather obscure subject (VERY, VERY impressed with it):

…in that it gives some very pertinant practical examples.

Here is a good example of what I want to do is transfer a ZIP file with a code base I want to build to my Beagle.

I have Filezilla server running on my Windows 10 PC, so I can pull the ZIP file across with CURL on my BBB, I’m thinking.

This is how you would do it (just shell script it or type it manually via shell):

curl --user myname:mypassword -o

My Windows box’s ip address on my LAN is

Filezilla Server defaults with its root directory your Downloads directory.

So I just put a copy of the dtc compiler ZIP file in my windows Downloads directory, and from putty just type in the previous command.

Clever huh? ^ ^