Current Beagleboard Rev. USB Host

I have read somewhere in the beagleboard documentation that currently
the USB 2.0 EHCI does not work consistently and that it should be
corrected in rev. C released in November. What are the current issues
with it?

The current issue with it on Rev B is that it is not populated on the board due to instability of the connection. This was due to some layout issues as the PHY was very sensitive to the layout between the OMAP3 and the PHY. We are working on the Rev C version and should have it avialable late this year.


See and
search the e-mail archives for EHCI for the issue history. It is
believed the issue on Rev A and B prototypes with the EHCI port was
that the supply rail wasn't stable enough due to the layout (which is
complicated by the incredibly small packaging).

We are still in the process of attempting various layout changes to
get this feature to work. Other PCBs, including the Open Pandora and
a portable media player currently in production with OMAP3, already
have the EHCI port working, so we are still confident this is a layout
and not a device issue. Still, until we get it working, we won't know
when those boards would be available. As Gerald recently mentioned,,
it might not be until next year. Whenever we get the prototypes
working, it is likely to be a couple of months before they show up at